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      Don't Call Me White

Don't Call Me White
Don't call me white (x4)

The connotations wearing my nerves thin
Could it be semantics generating the mess we're in?
I understand that language breeds stereotype
But what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite?

Don't call me white (x4)

I wasn't brought here, I was born
Circumsized, categorized, allegiance sworn
Does this mean I have to take such sh*t
For being fairskinned? No!
I ain't a part of no conspiracy, I'm just you're average Joe

Don't call me white (x4)

Represents everything I hate
The soap shoved in the mouth to cleanse the mind
The vast majority of sheep
A buttoned collar, starched and bleached
Constricting veins, the blood flow to the brain slows
They're so f*ckin' ordinary white

Don't call me white (x4)
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